Tobias Gregory is an Assistant Director specialized in Location and Public Shoots. Born in Hong Kong, Tobias (Toby) grew up around multiple different cultures allowing him to develop the skills necessary to interact and communicate to a wide range of people enabling swift and efficient problem solving & decision making. Having moved to the United Kingdom, Tobias is now based in Leeds, studying at the Northern Film School. Expanding his outlook and refining his skills as an Assistant Director. Over the past few years, Tobias has gained the reputation of being hard working and uplifting on set raking in over 100+ hours whilst studying a BA Filmmaking course. Although having experience as an Assistant Director, Tobias has experience in multiple production roles such as: Location Manager, Production Manager, Producing and Production Driving. In particular, his driving experience amounting up to over 200 hours on the road and thousands of miles travelled.

Tobias' Notable Credits include:

1st Assistant Director on No Man's Land (2018) & 2nd Assitant Director on Poof (2018)

Just because a set is efficient and tiring doesn't mean we can't have fun too!

Tobias Gregory - on set of No Man's Land

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